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Here you can find information on my Real History books, including the newest, THE REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD. defending the city of god (2)You can also find out about my medieval mysteries, my Oregon mystery and my fantasy novels. There are links to my Facebook fan page and my blogs as well as information on where I’ll be over the next few months. You can also contact me, if that isn’t enough information for you. So, enjoy!

Out Now: “DEFENDING THE CITY OF GOD: A Medieval Queen, The First Crusades and the Quest for Peace in Jerusalem. This began as a biography of Melisende (1105-1161) the first queen of the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. Melisende was the eldest daughter of the Crusader and King, Baldwin II. She was also the daughter of Morfia, an Armenian noblewoman. Melisende’s sisters became the Princess of Antioch, Countess of Tripoli and Abbess of the convent of Bethany. While I was researching the book, however, the civil war began in Syria. It was impossible to ignore the parallels between the present and the past. Therefore, as well as tracing the careers of Melisende and her sisters, I concentrated on the lives of the many diverse peoples who lived in Near East and how the constant wars and raids affected them. Syrian Christian and Muslim farmers, Bedouin shepherds, Jewish craftspeople all suffered from the conflict among Europeans, Shi’a Egyptians and Sunni Turks.

“DEFENDING THE CITY OF GOD tells the stories of those who are normally unrepresented in the histories of the Crusades. Those who have been displaced and terrorized in the past few years are, sadly, no different from their medieval ancestors in their experience of warfare.”

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